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This is the website of the Colony Cove Mobile Home Owners Association known as HOACC. HOACC is an Association of members with duly elected officers, which represents the home owners in the Colony Cove community in Ellenton Florida. The Association is incoporated in the State of Florida and is operated in accordance with Association By-Laws and Local, State, and Federal laws. This website is just one more means of maintaining communications with the members of the Association.

-  To sign up for the Call Notification program please click HERE and complete the request form.  It can be placed in any of the HOA boxes in any of our community halls.

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The HOACC Board of Directors will make this website an interesting and informative place for all to visit.
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By Lynn Mercer
"e Watch" What is it? To find out about this crime prevention program sponsored by The Manatee County Sheriff's Office check out this link for a MS Word document and this link for a PDF document. You will get all the information necessary to become an "e Watch" participant.


By Lynn Mercer


Many people recycle and many don't. We guess the reason for not recycling, is they just don't want to be bothered. Recycling is very important here in Colony Cove.

This brings us to the most asked question at HOA meetings, and that is the "high" rents. Your rent is not the amount you pay each month, but is actually about $90.00 less than that amount. The $90.00 amount is what is called the "pass thru". It represents all the cost we share equally for things such as water and sewer, lawn service, trash pickup, and a few other entities. Things that affect the pass thru directly are water conservation and indirectly recycling. The newspapers and "junk mail" deposited in the designated dumpsters at each hall are weighed and payment made to Colony Cove and credit is applied to our pass thru account thus lowering our “pass thru” charges.  Besides the revenue generated by the paper bins, recycling puts less trash in our landfills. 

The second area of recycling is aluminum cans and plastic and glass containers. We hope all Colony Cove residents are placing all their plastic and glass in the blue recycle containers. Doing so does not benefit Colony Cove in any way financially, but again it reduces land fill space and those water bottles return to us in many other plastic forms. Aluminum cans are another issue. We encourage all residents to recycle with the Colony Cove resident recycling program. This program directly benefits Colony Cove residents as all revenue generated goes to the HOA legal fund. The residents who volunteer to maintain this program work very hard and are dedicated to maintaining it. These volunteers collect our cans on a regular schedule, process them thru a can crusher to save space, and then transport them to a recycler for payment. This process has been successful on the north side of the community but not as much in the south side. Cans are collected every Monday in the lakes area and on the first Monday in the north. Pickup is scheduled on the 3rd Monday in the South side of Colony Cove. All you have to do is place your cans in a trash bag at the curb and our volunteers will pick them up for recycling. If you don't want to wait for the scheduled pickup you can drop your cans off at the recycling center which is located in the mail box area at Ellenton Hall. There are also recycle containers at all halls for residents to place plastic, glass, and cans for recycling. 

The most important thing with all the above is that it takes us, the residents of Colony Cove to have the same dedication to recycle as our volunteers have in collecting and processing those cans.  Remember this is your community and only you can make recycling a positive effort. 

WI-FI HOT SPOT - Harmony Hall, Manatee Hall and Bayshore House are Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Just take your wireless capable laptop or PDA to the hall and view the available wireless networks. Connect to the network labeled Harmony, Manatee or Bayshore, depending on your location. You do not need a password. This amenity is the result of a request by your HOA to Management.

By Lynn Mercer
Here is an explanation of what this means to Colony Cove residents.

If you live in a mobile home on land that is owned by you, you have certain homestead rights under Florida law, one of which is your home could be protected from forced sale in any legal action.

However under Florida law, a mobile home that is located on land owned by another (like we have in the Cove) and which has not been registered with the County under Florida Statute �222.05 is treated as a motor vehicle and does not have the protection from forced sale in any legal action.

That means if you are sued, your home in the Cove can be sold out from under you to satisfy the terms of the lawsuit.

However, if your home in the Cove is your homestead and if you file a Declaration of Domicile with the clerk of Manatee County, under Florida Statute �222.05, for a fee of $11, then your home has protection from forced sale in any legal action. The form for this filing may be available at the County Court House, 1115 Manatee Ave in Bradenton. It is also available as an MS-Word document by clicking here and as a PDF document by clicking here.

The form is relatively easy to complete, just don't sign it until you are in front of a notary.

By Lynn Mercer

The Home Owners Association is responsible for the scheduling of all the recreational facilities in the community. The number to call to schedule use of any facility in Colony Cove is:


All Home Owners Association, Lakes Association, South Club, North Association, Board & General meetings as well as all weekly scheduled coffee hours take precedence over all other events.

The cost of any damages or needed clean-up will be the responsibility of the person or club reserving the hall. The Hall Manager from each Hall will determine if the facility is returned to its original condition.

Events will be directed to the facility that best suits the size and needs. If you schedule a small function in a large facility you will be informed that your function may be relocated to an alternative facility, no less than 60 days prior to your date, if a larger event needs the larger facility. In the event that no other facility is available you will remain in the originally scheduled facility and the larger event will need to choose another date. Certain events that are scheduled cannot be relocated.

The reservation of a facility includes the use of all amenities available at that facility.

Events may be scheduled no more than 12 months in advance.

Groups outside of Colony Cove may not reserve our facilities unless at least 50% of the attendees are Colony cove residents. The reservation must be made by a CC resident.

There may be situations that arise that are not covered by these guidelines in which case they will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.