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Back some 15 years ago, when Marcia Snyder was the General Manager of Colony Cove, she became aware of the financial difficulties endured by a resident with cancer. This lady had not had hot water for some time because she could not afford to replace her hot water heater. "This should not be," thought Marcia, and she made the rounds of coffee hours explaining the plight of this woman while suggesting, "Neighbors need to help each other." Loose change clinked into coffee cans being passed around, and before long, that situation was remedied. Thus was started the Good Neighbor Fund, which has been available to those in need ever since. Donations have come from earlier park owners, the various social clubs, HOACC and individuals. In 2004, the name was changed to The Helping Hand Fund, a charity now properly registered with the State of Florida.

The function of the Fund is to assist our less fortunate neighbors pay for their utilities, medications or other essentials. This help is given only once or twice due to an emergency situation. IT IS NOT AVAILABLE ON A RECURRING BASIS and is never used to pay one's land rent.

JANUARY 2006 UPDATE: In earlier notices, there were 4 people listed to call if you thought you might be eligible for assistance from this fund. A change in the procedure has been made. Effective immediately, those in need of financial aid who wonder if they qualify, please call Russ Jeans at 729-5879.
He is the "point" person only and has nothing to do with the distribution of funds. He will take your name and phone number and pass it along to a Committee member. One of them will contact you, explain the procedure and start the process to determine your eligibility and how much aid, if any, is justified. Remember: the intention of this Fund is to help alleviate emergency situations only; it is not a social services agency. There is no need to be embarrassed when you make that call to Russ Jeans only a couple of people will ever know you turned to The Helping Hand Fund for help.

The new owners of Colony Cove, are extremely interested in upgrading the appearance and status of our community. Accordingly, they instituted a "4-sided" inspection of the outsides of our homes. Requests to bring the outside of the home up to Hometown America standards must be implemented. Some of these "code upgrades" involve fairly expensive repairs, which may be beyond the means of some residents. Accordingly, CCMHOA has a fund donation of $10,000, to be used to help those who simply can not afford to make the required repairs or improvements. This Helping Hand Maintenance Fund operates the same way as the original, with only a couple of people knowing who is asking for help. Your inspection notice must be submitted along with proof that you need financial assistance. The Maintenance Fund lends a helping hand only to those who need help meeting their inspection requirements; it is not available for desirable improvements such as siding or roof-overs or replacement of soft floors. The maximum assistance amount from the Maintenance Fund is a one-time payment of $500.

Those in need of help who wonder if they qualify for either Helping Hand Fund should call Russ Jeans at 729-5879. The Committee will take it from there.