Covid Vaccination Pop Up Site

March 4, 2021by HOA Board
GEMCAST · COVID-19 in the Elderly

March 4th, 2021

WHAT A WEEK!!!! What an amazing community we have here in Colony Cove!!!!!

Late on a Friday afternoon, I received a call from Florida State Health Department that they wanted to open a Pop-UP site here in Colony Cove, I immediately reached out to Scott, and within minutes he was back to me, got in touch with the State and from there it has been a whirlwind of a week! Scott spent his weekend doing logistics and getting a plan together to use the Hall, beefing up security, talking to the State, getting the Army National Guard here to assist.

The HOA spent the weekend planning how we could get 3500 people registered and ready to go Monday morning. We needed to learn all the State requirements, they were extremely strict with what we could do and what protocol we had to follow. The call went out for volunteers and of course, being a caring community, the calls started coming right in. Monday morning, we were ready to go!!!!! Scott had Maintenance help us get set up and by 8:30 we had appointments going. We had hoped to get all our Colony Cove residence registered before the news media got a hold of this.  Well by Monday afternoon all of Manatee county and further had heard. Added to this Governor DeSantis sent out a robocall telling everyone about the Pop-up. Within minutes our phone had literally blown up and we had over 1000 emails. At that point, we could only accept in-person registration. 

Tuesday morning the line started before 7:00 am and the HOA and volunteers moved people very quickly to get appointments made, while the line for vaccinations was building to get into Harmony Hall. All 3500 slots were booked by early Wednesday morning!!!!!

301 Cruisers were picking up our residence and transporting them to the site!

By Thursday night the State-administered over3500 vaccinations, every drop was used.

We are so grateful to Scott and ELS for welcoming this Site to happen, Scott went above and beyond on this one. Besides getting the site set up he made sure there was water available for everyone, had maintenance there working to keep things clean and orderly. Signal 88 was at the entrances directing traffic. The state team was amazing!!!

We would like to thank Scott, our volunteers, Colony Cove Maintenance, Signal 88, the Army National Guard, and Manatee County Sheriff’s Department, and the state nursing staff that worked the pod, 301 Cruisers, Lynn Genetti for not sleeping for the last 4 days putting all the appointments together in the computer so they state had their required list to work from.

Also, we want to thank our great community for being patient and welcoming to all the people that were helped here getting their vaccinations. We are so fortunate.