Building the HOA for a better tomorrow

Our Closed and Open Projects

The task of coordinating projects can be overwhelming for a board of volunteers with their own personal responsibilities. From budgeting and funding to materials and methods, it is vital to the success of Colony Cove HOA projects to have effective coordination.

2020 – 2021

August 2020

Updated Helping Hands Program

Revised the helping hands general fund program and introduced the compliance fund.

September 2020

Started Happenings Newsletter

The HOA began monthly newsletter featuring our events and volunteers.

September 2020

Secured long term rent agreements

The rent negotiating committee worked with ELS/mgmt to secure a 4-year rent agreement.

October 2020

Helping Hands month

October is the dedicated month to bring awareness to Helping Hands programs and fundraising.

November 2020

ByLaws updated and approved

Bylaw committee reviewed and revised dated Bylaws to protect membership.

November 2020

Veterans Day

The HOA held a Veterans Day memorial honoring all fallen soldiers and all Veterans in the Cove.

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January 2021

Secured volunteers

Volunteer to serve with the Colony Cove HOA Board.
Those who wish to serve their community usually volunteer as a board member through an election.
Join a Committee.
Participate in a Neighborhood Watch.
Help keep the community clean.
Volunteer for big projects.
Plan events.
Help the board.

January 2021

Started food bank

Helping Hands introduced a monthly drive-thru Food Bank to help those in need.

February 2021

Opened official HOA office

HOA Office is open Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm for Colony Cove residents for information and concerns.

March 2021

Covid pop up

HOA, ELS and volunteers worked with the State Health Department to vaccinate 3500 people.

April 2021

Sanctioned Clubs to be insured

Colony Cove Clubs can now fall under the HOA umbrella for insurance.

April 2021

IRS tax exempt status reinstated

We have successfully returned to our original status.

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