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HOA Business Advisory Committee

This committee has been appointed to review all legal documents & mediation.

The chairperson is Darlene Kornacker who is authorized to answer resident questions. She can be reached by email at: Please provide your contact information if you require a response to an inquiry.


Our Mission

Managing the business affairs of the Colony Cove community and homeowners
association with a fiduciary obligation to the members, by focusing on fiscal
responsibility, preservation of lifestyle, and promoting a
sense of harmonious community.


Officers of the Association serve without compensation or other benefit, for the good of the community. These officers represent you. They want and need to hear your compliments, comments and complaints. Please contact an officer of the Association if you have any of the above.

Darlene Kornacker President 941-545-9099
James Schumaker Vice President 804-307-7054
Larry Genetti Secretary 215-694-3424
Barbara Ryan Treasurer 603-231-4161
Dennis Dempsey Assistant Secretary 912-414-5214
Christopher Gartner Director 313-530-2222
Emile Goullette Director 203-598-6567
Kristi Pratt Director 603-547-0318

In Need of Scheduling One of Our Facilities?


The Home Owners Association is responsible for the scheduling of all the recreational facilities in the community. The number to call to schedule use of any facility in Colony Cove is:

(941) 722-1555

Management and All Home Owners, Lakes Association, South Club, Board & General meetings as well as all weekly scheduled coffee hours take precedence over all other events.

The cost of any damages or needed clean-up will be the responsibility of the person or club reserving the hall. The Hall Manager from each Hall will determine if the facility is returned to its original condition. 

Events will be directed to the facility that best suits the size and needs. If you schedule a small function in a large facility you will be informed that your function may be relocated to an alternative facility, no less than 60 days prior to your date, if a larger event needs the larger facility. In the event that no other facility is available you will remain in the originally scheduled facility and the larger event will need to choose another date. Certain events that are scheduled cannot be relocated.

Attendees of a function are not permitted to use facilities except those reserved for that function.

Community pools cannot be reserved.

Events may be scheduled no more than 12 months in advance.

Groups outside of Colony Cove may not reserve our facilities unless at least 50% of the attendees are Colony cove residents. The reservation must be made by a CC resident.

There may be situations that arise that are not covered by these guidelines in which case they will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 


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November 11, 2020

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7615 Lakeshore Dr.
Ellenton, FL 34222
(941) 722-6833

Ellenton Weather


Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Buffer  Harmony Hall
Buffer  Manatee Hall
Buffer  Friendship
Buffer  Ellenton
Buffer  Bayshore House

Each are Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

To use one as your Internet access, take a wireless capable laptop or PDA to the hall and view the available wireless networks in Settings on the device.
Connect to the network labeled Harmony, Friendship, Ellenton, Manatee or Bayshore, depending on your location.

You do not need a password.

This amenity is the result of a request by your HOA to Management.

I support CCHOA, Inc. in their efforts to represent the Colony Cove residents.


Step 1 Select Annual Membership or 2 Year Membership


Submit Payment
Annual Membership

Submit Payment
2 year Membership
$35.00/2 Yr.




Step 2 Complete & Submit Membership Form

Colony Cove HOA Membership

  • Out of Florida
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

To submit for a membership by hard copy, please download & print form and follow the instructions below:


Submit your application for review by using one of the following methods:

Make your check payable to HOA Colony Cove for $20 for 1 year or $35 for 2 years
  Mail to: Home Owners Association of Colony Cove 7615 Lakeshore Dr., Ellenton, FL 34222
  Bring to monthly HOA meeting or Saturday Coffee Hour at Harmony Hall
  Drop in one of the HOA suggestion boxes at the Community Halls

***** SECURITY *****

For Real Emergencies
or If in Doubt

CALL 911

Reasons to call Patrol
• Non Emergency vehicle & golf cart violations
• After hours water line breaks
• Access to Marina or other community
amenities that are locked
• Report door-to-door solicitors or other
unauthorized people

• Suspicious or dangerous activity 

For after Hours
non-emergency situations

CALL 941-254-6557


CALL (941) 721-2093