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By Lynn Mercer

Here is an explanation of what this means to Colony Cove residents.

If you live in a mobile home on land that is owned by you, you have certain homestead rights under Florida law, one of which is your home could be protected from forced sale in any legal action.

However under Florida law, a mobile home that is located on land owned by another (like we have in the Cove) and which has not been registered with the County under Florida Statute 222.05 is treated as a motor vehicle and does not have the protection from forced sale in any legal action.

That means if you are sued, your home in the Cove can be sold out from under you to satisfy the terms of the lawsuit.

However, if your home in the Cove is your homestead and if you file a Declaration of Domicile with the clerk of Manatee County, under Florida Statute 222.05, for a fee of $11, then your home has protection from forced sale in any legal action. The form for this filing may be available at the County Court House, 1115 Manatee Ave in Bradenton.

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The form is relatively easy to complete, just don’t sign it until you are in front of a notary.

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Free Notary Services for Members in GOOD Standing.
Secretary: Larry Genetti
Phone: 215-694-3424

Colony Cove HOA Helping Hands Fund

The Colony Cove HOA “Helping Hands” fund is maintained by the HOA and designed to provide emergency financial assistance to full time Colony Cove Homeowners experiencing short term, emergency situations and or need help to make repairs or modifications to make the home safe and maintain livability.

Helping Hands is funded by the HOA Membership and donations from Various Clubs and Groups.

Helping Hands Committee consist of three HOA members in good standing. All request must be approved by two of the members.

Helping hands can be used for assistance in repair or replacement of Hot Water Heaters, AC Units, Electrical or plumbing issues, Roof repairs, Handicap Ramps, Flooring, Grab Bars, ETC.

Funds do no provided assistance for reoccurring bills such as rent, utilities, insurance, medications, car payments.

Applications are available online or at each community hall, at the HOA Boxes.  Completed applications can be placed in the HOA drop boxes at the community halls.  

Required financial information as well as two estimates are required for the committee to process,

All information is confidential and not shared beyond the Helping Hands Committee.

A meeting must be set up with a representative from the Helping Hands Committee to review application and verify need to the funding.  Once approved a copy of the completed application, detailing the situation and amount recommended shall be sent to the HOA President and Treasurer for Payment made out to the homeowner.  Helping Hands cannot directly hire or pay any individual or firm for work.  The HOA and members of the Helping Hands Committee will bear no responsibility for any repairs and shall be help harmless by all.

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining approval for any exterior modifications from ELS management and/or County Building Codes Office, such approval must be furnished prior to and payments.

Applicants agree to allow a member of the committee to verify all repair, work / modification are completed and to ensure the funds have been expended per the request.

Maximum non repayable fund is $750.00 per home, Limited once in a 5-year period.

Application Form


Join us on Facebook Colony Cove HOA Ellenton FL      Website:  WWW.HOACC.ORG

Forms can be mailed to:

Colony Cove HOA Helping Hands
7615 Lakeshore Dr
Ellenton, FL 34222


Emailed to

Helping Hands Contacts:

Helping Hands Committee Members

Chairperson – Darlene Kornacker 941-545-9099
Richard Chaney – 443-890-0493
Dennis Dempsey – 912-414-5214

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7615 Lakeshore Dr.
Ellenton, FL 34222
(941) 722-6833

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Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Buffer  Harmony Hall
Buffer  Manatee Hall
Buffer  Friendship
Buffer  Ellenton
Buffer  Bayshore House

Each are Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

To use one as your Internet access, take a wireless capable laptop or PDA to the hall and view the available wireless networks in Settings on the device.
Connect to the network labeled Harmony, Friendship, Ellenton, Manatee or Bayshore, depending on your location.

You do not need a password.

This amenity is the result of a request by your HOA to Management.

I support CCHOA, Inc. in their efforts to represent the Colony Cove residents.


Step 1 Select Annual Membership or 2 Year Membership


Submit Payment
Annual Membership

Submit Payment
2 year Membership
$35.00/2 Yr.




Step 2 Complete & Submit Membership Form

Colony Cove HOA Membership

  • Out of Florida
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

To submit for a membership by hard copy, please download & print form and follow the instructions below:


Submit your application for review by using one of the following methods:

Make your check payable to HOA Colony Cove for $20 for 1 year or $35 for 2 years
  Mail to: Home Owners Association of Colony Cove 7615 Lakeshore Dr., Ellenton, FL 34222
  Bring to monthly HOA meeting or Saturday Coffee Hour at Harmony Hall
  Drop in one of the HOA suggestion boxes at the Community Halls

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CALL 911

Reasons to call Patrol
• Non Emergency vehicle & golf cart violations
• After hours water line breaks
• Access to Marina or other community
amenities that are locked
• Report door-to-door solicitors or other
unauthorized people

• Suspicious or dangerous activity 

For after Hours
non-emergency situations

CALL 941-254-6557


CALL (941) 721-2093